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    A few years ago, the Victoria and Albert Museum had curated an exhibit called ‘The Power of Making’. It really expresses what Sky Goodies believes in, so we quote from one of their curators, below:
    About Making
    Daniel Charny, guest curator
    Making is the most powerful way that we solve problems, express ideas and shape our world.When you are absorbed in making, things happen that you didn't plan. The experience is intuitive, like sport, and it can be meditative, like music.
    Our Philosophy
    Sky Goodies was founded to create products that make you smile.
    Memories of simpler times, when we would immerse ourselves in paper-craft and the joy derived from them, is something we wish to capture in our products. In an increasingly complicated world, to create a thing of beauty, value and which involves you and de-stresses you, is our aim.
    In a lot of our products, the act of ‘making’ is a part of the product experience. Our first collection of DIYs was launched in 2013, and is called ‘Make Happy’. This is because a creative act like ‘making’ can result in satisfaction, relaxation, emotional attachment to the product, and a good feeling. Folks fear making and ‘craft’ because they are not good at them. In our ‘Make Happy’ DIY Collection, the experience of making, without using scissors and cutters, becomes enjoyable, and results in a useful product. We want to make everyone - from the age of 6 to 106 - play. To be happy and spread the joy!
    ‘Giving’ is the shortcut to happiness. A gesture or gift can create or deepen bonds of love. We encourage our customers to make their DIYs as handmade gifts for loved ones; making small gifts extra special!
    Children & Paper Craft
    Our DIY Kits are pre-cut and pre-creased, and do not require cutting with scissors or knives.These kits are designed for all ages. But for children in particular, Paper Craft holds immense possibilites of fun and learning.
    So, what really are the payoffs of tinkering with paper?
    - fine motor skills improve.
    - paper craft imbibes the ability to deal with failure, which, we think, is the key to long-term happiness.
    Unlike video games and digital media, there is no ‘undo’ or ‘restart’ in a paper craft activity. The medium forces a child to be sensitive to the material and process of making.
    - concentration levels improve.
    - social connections develop; the feeling of doing better than others, of showing off your creation, of realising your own abilities vs others.
    - achievement leads to self-confidence.
    - and, the biggest benefit is to have FUN!
    Do-it-yourself Kits
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